Workshop - Business Simulation

3 Days | 9am-6pm | 16hrs | 40-120 people/class

Programme Features

Comprehensive Strength Enhancement | Technology Application | In-depth Discussion

Programme Objectives

Combining innovation and science, students will be able to understand the logic and layout of product and service

The main focus of the workshop is to develop students’ general skills, business logic and product commercialization training. Through a series of content
programmes, students will engage in business knowledge, proposition-related discussions, expert sharing, group discussions and presentations and competitions.The goal of the workshop is to combine innovation and science so that students can understand the logic and planning of product-service commercialisation through practice. Through hands-on work and teamwork, students will learn hands-on skills, develop group problem solving skills, and be encouraged to ask questions that interest them. They will also be guided through a variety of discussions and reflections, as well as learning presentation skills and enhancing their soft skills.

The workshops not only provide a platform for learning, but also an opportunity for students to put their business skills and knowledge into practice. By participating in such activities, students can enhance their business literacy, improve their problem-solving and innovation skills, and prepare for their future career development.

Scope of Teaching

Introduction to Business Knowledge | Case Studies | Expert Sharing | Group Discussion | Presentations & Competitions

Day 1

Expert Training

Day 2

Group Discussion

Day 3

Group Presentation + Post-match Discussion

Key Learning Outcomes

Mind and Hand | Group Problem Solving | Encouraging Students to Bring Out Issues of Interest | Guiding Students to Discuss and Think More | Presentation Skills | Soft Power Enhancement
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