Course Highlights

Course Highlights

This programme aims to address the lack of agricultural and environmental awareness among urban students, where important elements of life such as energy and food are often overlooked. The programme covers important global issues such as environmental protection, clean energy, health, the Internet of Things, agriculture and demographics, while re-establishing students’ connection with nature.

Students are able to observe the progress of plants on a regular basis, which greatly increases their satisfaction and interest in learning. The curriculum incorporates STEAM elements and provides hands-on activities that emphasize the links between agriculture, solar energy, sustainability and modern farming. Teaching methods can be adapted to suit the needs, interests and skills of the students. Our goal is to develop social awareness in students before they are introduced to society.

Patented Products and Teaching Aids

The Intelligent Solar Greenhouse Box can be applied in STEAM teaching. Through a series of lessons, students can gain an in-depth understanding of solar systems, automation, data monitoring and other STEAM-related knowledge and applications. They can learn about the value of solar energy and smart technologies in agriculture and environmental protection through hands-on practice.

At the same time, it can also stimulate students’ interest in STEAM fields and cultivate their scientific thinking, problem-solving and innovation skills. The combination of advanced technology and STEAM education provides a richer, hands-on learning experience that helps students better understand and apply their STEAM knowledge.








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