Long Term Programme

1 year | 40 classes | 45min/class | 30hr total | ~30 students/class

Programme Features

Comprehensive Strength Enhancement, Technology Application, In-depth Discussion

Programme Objectives

To help students develop an integrated understanding of science, technology, nature and international issues
In terms of technological applications, the programme will cover a wide range of technological areas, such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and machine learning, etc. Students will learn about the principles of these technologies as well as related ethical and social issues. Students will learn about the principles and applications of these technologies as well as related ethical and social issues. This will enable them to better understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities brought about by technological advancement.

In addition, the programme also focuses on natural issues, including environmental protection, climate change and sustainable development. Students will learn about the principles of natural systems, existing environmental problems, and the methods and techniques used to solve them. This will develop students’ environmental awareness and enable them to contribute to the preservation of the ecological balance of the planet.

International issues such as globalisation, international relations and cross-cultural communication are also covered. Students will learn about the differences between countries and cultures, their interdependence and the solutions to global problems. This will develop students’ international outlook and cross-cultural communication skills, making them more confident and competitive in the international arena.

Scope of Teaching

Key Learning Outcomes

Renewable energy

Extra-curricular Knowledge

IT Programming/
Software Learning

Smart Agriculture

Continuous Learning

International Perspective

Personal Skills Training

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