Workshop - STEAM

2 days | 9am - 6pm | 16 hrs | 40-120 people / class

Programme Features

Greenhouse outing| Expert Sharing | Smart Tech Experience | Software Application

Programme Objectives

Stimulate participants’ interest in science and technology Promote participants’ understanding and application of science, technology and creativity Develop problem-solving skills and innovative thinking
The workshop has several unique features. Firstly, we will organise a greenhouse outing to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and apply their scientific and technological knowledge in a real environment. Secondly, we will invite experts to share their experiences and insights to enrich participants’ knowledge and stimulate their interest in science and technology. In addition, we will provide smart technology experience for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the development and application areas of modern technology. At the same time, the workshop will also include software learning, such as LabVIEW and SketchUp, to help participants acquire relevant skills and knowledge. Ultimately, our aim is to stimulate participants’ interest in science and technology and to promote their understanding and application of science, technology and creativity. Through practical learning activities and discussions, participants will develop problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Scope of Teaching

LabVIEW | SketchUp Design | Expert Seminars | Outdoor Touring

Key Learning

Master SketchUp design tools and learn 3D modelling and editing skills | Learn LabVIEW software, including its basic functions and application skills | Experience and explore the application of science and technology in real-world situations | Enhance problem-solving and teamwork skills | Develop participants’ creativity and innovative thinking



Theme introduction and 3D drawing


Solar Greenhouse Assembly and Programming Trainning



Renewable Energy Expert Sharing and Discussion


International Simulation Summit



Introduction to power control and energy Flow


Analyzing Fuel Decomposition Rules and Generator Scheduling

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