Kite Power Generation

Kite Power Generation

The key concept of our service is called Kite Power Generation. Basically, a kite will be used to capture high altitude wind resource, and transform the kinetic energy of wind into rotational energy (and thus electrical energy) of the ground-based generator through kite.

Through Kite Power Generation, it can produce higher power output, more stable power generation, less material used, less land used, higher leveled cost of electricity and less payback period of investment compared to wind turbine. Prozparity being the developer, we will deploy the technology in China (distributed area first, followed by power installation), followed by Central Asian countries.

Kite power generation can distribute energy with less reliance on long-distance Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) electricity transmission, ease environmental disruption and ease energy-poverty in remote areas. It helps eliminate the drawbacks of conventional wind turbine, such as unstable power output, huge material consumption, expensive maintenance, visual impacts, noise pollution, high initial cost and over 7 years of payback period.

The technology is composed of hardware such as Kite, wire, generator, sensor, adjusters; software such as kite control system and power control system. It can generate 7 times more power generation than conventional wind turbine, more stable output with over 60 percent availability, reduce 90 percent of material use, reduce 89 percent of land use, reduce leveled cost of electricity by 20 percent with payback period within 3 years.

Compared to wind turbine, the advantage over balloon-type high altitude power is that the kite is lighter without rotational part. Balloon-type is lifted by gas (problem of gas leakage) and with heavy turbine (rotational portion still needs frequent maintenance) which would be harder to stay in the air, and can potentially cause safety problem while falling as well. On the other hand, the advantages over rigid kite high altitude power is that it won’t cause safety problem while falling, and it is lighter and easier to be lifted. Last but not least, the advantage over other soft-kite high altitude power company is that while basically all are in research phase at the moment, but our R&D would be more local-focus with application of some mature technologies.

Our target market will be eastern coast of China. Eastern coast of China (i.e. Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu) constituted to 24.5% of the whole Chinese electricity consumption, according to 2018 data. Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei area constituted to 7.8% of whole Chinese electricity consumption, according to 2018 data.

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