Smart Energy Project – Geothermal Heating

Smart Energy Project – Geothermal Heating

Purpose of setting up energy Internet: heating metering, obtaining operating parameters, automatic flow regulation, fault automation, multi-complementary within heating grid (system scheduling), peak load management, reduction of uneven heating & cooling, integrated heating source-grid-load

The general flow:
Data input: operating parameters (pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc.) of various geothermal heating & storage equipment, external geothermal related data, user information
Data collection: device sensors, database, user receiver
Data Processing: Intelligent Cloud Computing Center
Data output: control the operation of its own geothermal equipment (pressure, flow rate, flow direction, etc.)

The Smart Cloud Computering Center acts as a Central Processing Unit for geothermal big data monitoring, thermal energy storage, unified smart cloud computing management, and the details & benefits are illustrated as follow:

Geothermal big data monitoring: the data come from the own geothermal equipment, the own heat storage equipment, other geothermal equipment, external geothermal related data, and passive data of the user terminal. the above big data are collected through the intelligent center, and controls its own geothermal equipment according to default intelligent methods or user instructions.
Benefits: Ensure the safe operation of geothermal equipment, automatic notification of faults, reduce uneven distribution of heat energy or waste through frequency conversion.

Thermal energy storage: According to the parameters such as heating volume, electricity price and period of use, the thermal energy can be temporarily stored in the thermal energy storage equipment, distributed to your own geothermal equipment as needed, or distributed to other geothermal equipment.
Benefits: Reduce heat energy waste and reduce heat pump electricity cost.

Thermal energy grid transfer: Linking your own geothermal equipment and heat storage equipment to another geothermal equipment.
Benefits: Reduce the uneven distribution and waste of heat energy according to regional demand, and become a model project of intelligent heat network.

Unified intelligent cloud computing management: The intelligent center i the core unit to collect thermal big data, deliver instructions to your own geothermal equipment and heat storage equipment, and it acts as a communication channel with other geothermal equipment.
Benefits: Unified and effective processing of information within and across boundary.


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