About Us

About Us

Prozparity Energy is established in 2018 registered in Beijing and Hong Kong, we are committed to energy internet design, international project development consultancy, and kite power research & development. Our ambition is to bridge the deployment of clean energy cross Asia-Europe in order to achieve clean power generation, energy- saving & management, smart energy system & connection. At prozparity, we aim at contributing to a better community by enhancing people’s living standard through distributed energy, international infrastructural development and partnership.

Core Values and Culture

Inspiration, Continues Learning, Passion, Respect, Equality, Faith & Trust, and Resilience are the seven main pillars of Prozparity, which form the basis of ideology towards clients, partner, employees, and run across all the businesses and projects.

Inspiration: Innovation is the key for success, to bring success to projects, we require our employee and partners to embrace innovative mindset. Any successful stories come simply from a thought, or from crazy ideas in some people’s eyes; however, none can justify the rightfulness of an idea prior to systematical and decent evaluation.

Continuous Learning: Learning is a never ending process, Prozparity highly encourages ambitions towards learning latest technology, a new languages, updated news or things that can equip yourself for challenges in work. We also encourage teams to share and learn with each other, as one can always find something powerful from others.

Passion: Human and his/her will is the key to succeed, and one’s willingness can accounts for more than 50% of success, experienced or not, with passion, we can all enjoy currently what we are doing, our ability can thus be utilized perfectly with self-motivation.

In Prozparity, we are trying to create an open-minded atmosphere, for which ideas can come across, and we will motivate & support each other not only to work decently, but also enjoy and joint hand in hand to embrace our common targets.

We will keep our positive energy towards projects and clients.

Respect: Mutual respect enhance the trust among humanity. We should acknowledge that individuals were born and experienced differently, our behaviors reflect our own socially constructed ideology. No matter what disagreement aroused, we should all remember to ‘listen’ more than ‘talk’, accuse, hatred, crowding-out, these tactics can never be a step for mutual recognition and conflict management.

Disregarding the race, nationality, gender, age, position, everyone deserve respect. For example, manager should respect the thought and idea of an employee, employee should respect the instruction first, so that there would be basis of trust in further understanding other’s stance and challenges encountered

Equality: We believes that employee should be treated equally, and people should get their parts for contribution. Prozparity encourages ‘work better get more’, apart from annual bonus, we offer our employee project bonus to let everyone proactively involving in the value-adding processes to our projects and clients.

Faith & Trust: There are two layers of faith & trust. We all need to remember that human is born with conscience, being honest to others and the society, work decently and keep on the righteousness.

Another layer would fall on faith & trust towards oneself. Be confidence and trust yourself,

Resilience: Constant inputs are necessary to maintain a project, but system is the key to make a project works fluently without wasted manpower and resources; thus in long run, works can be easily transferable between people, no matter old or new, so that company resilience could be achieved.

Being systematic and controllable is what Prozparity aiming for, documentation, reporting structure, operation procedures etc., a certain guideline would be implemented with flexibility. Besides, evaluation process is to be incorporated into various workflow, both internally and externally, to maintain continuous improvement.

Even when facing challenges or difficulties, we believe that a consolidated system and prompt feedback mechanism will be able to drive our business into fruition.


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