Electricity Trading Mechanism Design

Electricity Trading Mechanism Design


Product/ Service Description:

Our core solution includes tailored-designed electricity trading mechanism including CDA mechanism & entry system, so as to ensure energy security and foster the development of distributed energy; we will also help establish a big-data centre in trial cities to balance power production and consumption, while handling data management of those transaction. Users including grid companies, distributed energy producer and consumer can enjoy our unparallel services through user-friendly interface, to track energy flows, financial benefits, consumption patterns and many more functions.

Smart contract and blockchain technology would be add-ons to simplify the transaction.

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Value to users:

National level and grid company: we help push forward the local consumption and development of distributed energy, to reduce the energy wastage in long-distance transmission, peak-load adjustment of grid companies, as well as increase the overall investment on renewable energy & relevant R&D.

Energy Consumer: We also provide financial incentives for energy consumers to reduce electricity cost, our primary focus would be those 6 major high energy-intensity industries in China.

Distributed energy producer: in face of energy wastage due to mismatch and gradual elimination of subsidies, they will benefit from higher volume of sales and increase in financial return through trading in various electricity peak-valley period.

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