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2021/1/15| Due Diligence series-PERC Solar Cell

Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) is not a new technology invented in recent years. As early as 1983, “Father of Solar Photovoltaics” Australian scientist Martin Green and his team put forward the idea of PERC and published related papers in 1989. …(Full text here)

2021/1/5| Global wind power applications

In recent years, the global wind power industry has developed rapidly and has promising prospects. Various countries have placed high expectations on wind power generation. Wind power generation has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world…(Full text here)

2020/12/15| A Market Review on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Concentrated solar power (CSP) technology is a process of harvesting of solar radiation energy into thermal energy generally to be used for power generation.…(Full text here)

2020/11/15| Analysis of the problem and solution for residential photovoltaic against extreme weather (South China coastal area)

When constructing photovoltaic power plants in South China coastal areas, the impact of extreme weather such as typhoons and rainstorms needs to be considered. Not only…(Full text here)

2020/11/05| Residential Photovoltaic Installation-global applications

In recent years, with the needs of energy saving and emission reduction policies and the increasing awareness of environmental protection among more and more …(Full text here)

2020/10/20| Importance of investment in solar/wind farm towards global energy transition

The world needs to shift from fossil fuels which have been at the center of climate change to cleaner energy sources such as solar and wind energy.  The costs of onshore win.…(Full text here)

2019/11/20 – China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) 2019

The visit to CHTF has always been inspiring and fruitful for knowing the latest technology, successfully visited all key booths within 1 day. Shenzhen is known for its market openness and vibrant trading environment; but as competition becomes vigorous, buyers must be cautious on price, quality and time spent on product comparison. Prozparity is here to optimize your product sourcing processes, take a look at our trading of #Oil Equipment|#Battery & E-Scooter

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2019/11/19 – International Youth Innovation Conference 2019

It is our honour to share our solution on Electricity Market and influencing other youths to remain innovative, while incorporating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to their work, career and aspiration.

2019/11/18 | Accelerating our Electricity Market Solution in Unleash+

As an ‘alumni’ of Unleash, we are proud to bring out Electricity Market Solution to Unleash+. With the advice of all Experts and Talents, we are confident to push forward the next step of implementation, to make the electricity greener & user-oriented.

2019/08/16 | Invitation for visit and sharing in Tianjin

August 14-15 marked the remarkable journey to Tianjin, while meeting all passionate entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Macau and other places of China. We believe that sharing & mutual understanding is a crucial step to link up people. We have presented our business on international Solar/Wind project consultancy, in line with our slogan: Bridging the development of clean energy across Asia-Europe.



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