Our Vision

Our Vision

Energy is the essential part of life, traditionally, fossil energy has been consumed as a centralized top-down basis, and they are restricted to local development due to geopolitics and trust. Prozparity, as an innovative-driven energy company, wants to make the change of the existing prejudice and turn them into ground-breaking opportunities, and brings new solutions to old problem, and in long term leading the energy revolution with clean, smart and well-managed energy consumption .

International Development Globalization is now a norm in the market. In response to Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), many companies are looking to expand their products and services to overseas. Nonetheless, many companies are facing barriers during international partnership and market expansion, such as difficulties in finding local expertise and reliable partners, encounter cultural differences and political uncertainty, expensive to send expatriates and so on. Prozparity believes that nations and business can grow stronger only when international barriers are reduced, we are no more in the era of zero-sum, overall win-win solutions for different stakeholders are what we want to facilitate with pride. Therefore, Prozparity is here to help companies coordinate international projects through providing the services below: Business, Country profile, Integration.

Smart Energy Power production can be categorized according to quantity & quality, these year power utilities focus more on power quality to ensure overall energy security. In the coming decades, power should be user-focus enough to bring convenience, energy-saving and cost-saving to end-user. To achieve the SDG target of clean & affordable energy and climate action, energy should not be viewed as a standalone product but instead be highly intertwined with daily life of general public. We believe that the application of Big data and Internet on energy industry would bring about such collective actions on smart energy consumption.

Kite Power generation According to IRENA (2018), deployment of renewable energy (RE) is the key to achieve 1.5oC goal of Paris agreement, and wind energy is one of the most abundant natural energy resources. However, current wind turbines have fluctuating power production due to unstable low-altitude wind resources, and has high material cost due to steel consumed; furthermore, it faces various environmental constraints like noise pollution and visual impacts. Instead, kite power generation (KPG) captures high altitude wind velocity that provide higher and more stable power generation, it has 90% less material use and so the initial cost can be lowered; besides, aesthetically it is with minimal visual impact, with inaudible noise generation due to wind intersection.We see the future of kites not only limited to grid-connected power generation, but also distributed energy use and other small-scale individual energy kits.


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