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Solar/Wind Project M&A/Development “Geopolitics + Policy + Cultural Integration” Consultancy – Asia Europe Africa

Are you trying to develop / acquire an international solar / wind project, scale up your business abroad, or seek for international collaboration / partners?





Cutural integration

Cultural Integration

Project Sourcing

Project Sourcing

Prozparity supports you / provides consultations on geopolitics, policy, cultural integration and project sourcing, so that you will have a well-rounded understanding on the profile of target country, and how your business can be fully integrated into the local habitat. What is more, we do not only provide verbal advice and research documents, but also provide tailor-made workshops and project implementation, as your mentor and / or project partner. With our professional energy project experiences, we are able to think on your stance to co-explore the best solutions for international development pathway with tangible value added.

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