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Having creative ideas but constrained by current situation, passionate in renewable energy and with relevant experiences in electrical engineering? Prozparity Energy highly encourages innovations, welcome like-minded person for application.

Prozparity International Energy Group Ltd. is dedicated to energy Internet design, international energy project development consultancy, and kite power generation research & development. Our ambition is to bridge the deployment of clean energy across Asia-Europe, so as to facilitate clean power generation, energy- saving & management and smart energy system & connection.

General requirement & gains for potential employee 

We are currently in the initial stage. The founder is from Hong Kong. He studied energy/ environmental protection and international relations respectively at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the EU-institution in Turkey, France and Germany. He worked in international companies such as Wood Group and Leighton, and have also worked as an intern in the UN environment. He has been working in the energy & environment industry for more than 5 years, he can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Russia, and French. Aiming for promoting energy exchange through entrepreneurship, he believes that success comes from innovations and innovations come from interactions.

We sincerely invite those who are proactive, creative and ambitious to join our Beijing company. In addition to managing and assisting the company in handling various daily affairs in China, it also has the opportunity to follow the founders to meet customers, travel to Europe, Asia, Russia, Mongolia and other regions, attend important international conferences such as the United Nations, and meet high-level personnel at home and abroad. In addition, the company will provide free foreign language training, free-to-discuss atmosphere, encourage creative discussion, regularly share international situation and business information, and promote skills to learn from each other. To provide young people who are interested in setting up a company with diversified learning and knowledge opportunities, expanding connections.

We are hiring the following:

If you have have any questions on application or want to make an unsolicited application, please send an email to hr@prozparity.com


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