PV installation in HK @Feed-in tariff

PV installation in HK @Feed-in tariff

Fill your empty space with PV for pecfection!

The deployment of renewable energy has been key to the transition from energy to clean and sustainable development, with renewable energy accounting for 28% of global electricity consumption in 2020, up 2% from 2019,  according to the International Energy Agency’s Global Energy Report.  In Hong Kong, since 2018, due to feed-in tariff incentives, power companies have acquired privately produced renewable energy at a price of HK$3 to HK$5 per degree, so the installation page for solar installations in Hong Kong has started to increase. Regardless of Kowloon Harbour Island in the New World, the “feed-in tariff “selling price is divided into three levels, 10kW (kW) or less per degree of electricity HK$5, 10kW to 200kW per degree of electricity HK$4, 200kW to 1MW per degree of electricity HK$3. However, the renewable energy process in Hong Kong is still slow, accounting for only 0.1% of the electricity used in Hong Kong, so we hope that we can all participate in and promote the development of clean energy.


Service delivery and service characteristics: (EMSD Registered Electrical Contractor number-034790)

We offer one-stop solar development, from assessment, application, installation, to maintenance. Whether you have/are in charge of a general village house, building, private agricultural land, we will also evaluate your site for free, provide professional advice and quotations.

Factory roof solar PV
Factory rooftop solar PV
Solar panel installed
House Rooftop solar PV
Private house solar PV2
Private house solar PV
Building roof solar PV 2
Building roof solar PV

In addition, we believe that the benefits of power generation are only part of this energy programme and we would like to make Hong Kong society and every household more aware of the clean energy sector. Therefore, in addition to providing the above one-stop energy services, we will also provide small seminars for families to share renewable energy technologies and the global energy international relations situation as an important part of education.


Teams and Advantanges

Our team handles more than 8GW, equivalent to the installed capacity required for electricity in the New Territories, and the projects include distributed and centralized, ,as well as wind, solar, biomass and chemical energy storage. Project experience covers Europe and Asia, so we will be able to use our international project experience to create favourable power generation conditions for your space.

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European Energy Exchange Carbon Market Analysis Award
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Global Youth Collaboration
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Global Youth Collaboration
Visits to National administrative agency
Visits to National administrative agency
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Project experience includes:

  • Tricon Boston Wind Energy Development (150 MW)
  • WPD Taiwan Guanyin District (360 MW) and Yunlin (700 MW)
  • Lamma Island Wind Power Facility Operations (800 kW)
  • Southern European Alisios Project Teaser (4.5 GW)
  • MAIF2 wind farm due diligence (300 MW)
  • China Solar Energy Industry Report
  • PV portfolio due diligence (87.5 MW)
  • Guangdong Hydropower Group CCER Development (110 MW)
  • Zhanjiang Biofuel Manufacturing 

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project
Development of solar power plant assets
Development of solar power plant assets
Wind turbine blade Checking
Wind turbine blade Checking
Energy policy analysis and industry reports
Energy policy analysis and industry reports

Buy-out mode:

Customers pay in full for solar PV systems and enjoy all future feed-in tariff revenue.


Mode of co-operation:

Regardless of whether you’re the landlord or the head of the household, what kind of space you have, we can also explore collaboration, including customer payment development model, $0 cost development, co-ownership development, etc., flexible handling. If you have any questions, please info@prozparity.com or call (852) 3611 4070 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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