Renewable energy and Smart agriculture – STEM education

Renewable energy and Smart agriculture – STEM education

Living in cities with advanced technology, students nowadays usually have limited chance to understand agriculture and nature and pay less attention to the most important elements in life: energy and food. The course covers the most pressing topics in the world, including environmental protection, clean energy, health, Internet of Things, agriculture and demography, while increasing their exposure to nature. The products can be placed in schools or at home. Students can witness daily progress of the plants, which greatly increases their satisfaction of and interest in learning.

Through our course, students in school or education institution can experience the complementarity of agriculture and solar, sustainable development and modern agriculture, DIY, renewable and smart energy from a hands-on perspective, so that the new generation will be more aware of these prominent issues. The goal is to establish a good social awareness for them before entering society.

STEM elements (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) are one of the most important learning elements, and the diversified learning of this course cover all aspects of STEM. Besides, the teaching approach and pattern can be adjusted according to the progress, interests and abilities of students in different classes.


Greenhouse visiting
Solar greenhouse teaching equipment
Outdoor kids workshop
Indoor class experiment
We provide tailored designed STEM course and workshop, focusing on renewable energy/SDGs, smart agriculture, with our patented STEM teaching kits – Solar Greenhouse. We aim at enhancing the interest of students and cognitive growth in the field of sustainable development, with realization of technology while enriching their international visions and insights to corresponding industries.

STEM core elements for kids

Our Self R&D Products 私たちの自己研究開発製品

Solar greenhouse teaching equipment
Solar Greenhouse Box (click to purchase)ソーラー温室ボックス (クリックして購入)
Solar Charging Trolley
Solar Charging Trolley ソーラー充電トロリー
Solar Charging Trolley - light
Solar Charging Trolley (light) ソーラー充電トロリー(ライトバージョン)


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