Products Summary

Product Summary

Humans are bound to nature. However, as urbanisation becomes faster, most of us tend to live away from greeneries, spending days inside the concert house or iron transportation every day.

To rebuild the connection between people and the natural environment. We combined our technology and innovation to create a small yet useful daily life accessory for you – Light of Life (LOL)

As a portable plant port that has formed a closed system, we can move it almost everywhere, as shown in the picture on the left. You can consider it as your pet, your new friend, or even as a source of happiness to boost your daily mood 🙂

People may also use it for educational purposes to let the younger generation learn from the beginning of the life cycle and gain experience as little farmers to grow their own food

Then what are the differences between LOL and the normal plant pot?


LoL is highly linked to STEAM education, which covers areas like modern agriculture, IoT and sustainability; with its DIY capability, educators can also use it as a tool for education. Below are all the different sections and the structure overview. You can refer to our video tutorials on our website and YouTube channels for the assembly process.

How is it possible to combine that many items in such a small size and still work properly? That is linked to the system’s original power—-PV Panel.

As you can see from the diagram on the right, it indicates the combination of the different sections monitoring and controlling humidity /light intensity/temperature

As the solar panel collects light energy during the day, the LED strips can work at night, forming a completely enhanced growth system.

Solar greenhouse teaching equipment

You have various plant options, from lettuce to beans and even more. The harvesting date for vegetables varies for different plants, but our technology will significantly increase the overall growing speed.

With further development, LOL can link with our app–ESG Vida, which facilitates users to monitor and control the entire system.

The APP will be launched soon. Please stay tuned.



Our second product amplifies the function of solar panels to make a portable power bank that can be applied under various conditions.

PV-ENer, as shown in the poster below, provides the user with convenient and optimum flexibility for charging the devices, whether indoors or outdoors.

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More about us

We are Prozparity Energy, and our goal is to promote the daily application of Renewable Energy to spread the message of the importance of Sustainability across the globe; we have been working on Product Innovation & STEAM Education, Prozparity Energy believes that through innovative products, people will become more aware of Renewable Energy and be willing to reduce Carbon Emissions in their daily lives.

Prozparity was awarded the JCI-HK Sustainability Enterprise Award due to our continuous contribution to the Sustainability Area. We have also joined the STEM+E consortium to promote STEAM collaboration and provide insights for students in commercializing Green products. Besides, we were invited as panellists for the “Incorporating CSR in Business” by HK Metropolitan University and the “Green-Tech application” during the Learning and Teaching Expo.
If you want to connect with our team and seek more opportunities, please follow our official accounts for up-to-date information.

Thank you for your time and support. Let’s strive for the best to make our lives greener and healthier together!

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Helping us achieve green living goals. LOL and PV-ENer reflect sustainable development concepts. They use renewable energy, optimize designs, and utilize resources rationally, laying a foundation for future sustainable development and environmental protection.

LOL summary:

LOL, as an innovative planting method, has tremendous potential in solar energy utilization and plant photosynthesis, bringing a green eco-lifestyle to our daily life. Whether in daily planting activities or practical applications in the education sector, LOL demonstrates its unique value and charm. LOL planting method fully leverages the potential of solar energy.

  • Through rational layout and design, LOL can maximize the absorption of sunlight and convert it into the energy plants need. This efficient energy conversion process not only improves the growth rate of plants but also enables them to thrive and produce more organic matter.
  • The use of green energy reduces dependence on traditional energy and the environmental impact of energy consumption, contributing to the construction of a sustainable society.
  • LOL planting method further improves the growth quality of plants by optimizing the photosynthetic process. LOL precisely controls environmental factors such as light intensity, temperature, and humidity to create optimal plant growth conditions. This enables plants to perform photosynthesis more efficiently, produce more organic matter, and enhance their disease resistance and resilience.
  • In addition, LOL planting method also plays an important role in the education sector. Young generations can learn simple agricultural techniques and scientific knowledge by introducing LOL into classrooms and practices. They can understand plants’ growth patterns and life cycles by personally planting, observing, and recording their growth process. Such practical activities cultivate students’ hands-on and observation skills and enhance their awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development. At the same time, participating in planting activities can also inspire students’ interest and love for agriculture and science.

Overall, LOL, as an innovative planting method, has demonstrated its unique advantages and value in areas such as solar energy utilization, plant photosynthesis, and educational applications. It not only improves the growth quality and yield of plants but also promotes the popularization and development of a green eco-lifestyle. We believe that with the continuous progress of technology and people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, LOL planting method will be more widely applied and promoted in the future, bringing more green and hope to our lives.

PV-ENer summary:

In the context of the impact of climate change brought by global warming, adapting to extreme weather conditions and maintaining sustainable living has become a widespread focus of society. Against this backdrop, PV-ENer, a leading charging device that integrates numerous advantages, provides optimized usage experiences for users with different purposes through its portability, flexibility, and adaptability.

  • The portability of PV-ENer charging devices is one of its significant features. This device adopts a lightweight design, achieving compactness and lightness through selecting materials and innovative processes. This allows users to easily carry PV-ENer, whether for outdoor travel, hiking adventures, or daily commuting, enabling charging anytime and anywhere. This portability not only enhances the convenience of users but also expands its application scenarios, making PV-ENer a valuable assistant for people when dealing with extreme weather or being away from power sources.
  • The flexibility of PV-ENer charging devices is also a noteworthy advantage. This device supports multiple charging interfaces and methods, allowing it to charge various electronic devices, including phones, tablets, and others.
  • Its solar charging functionality enables it to convert sunlight into electrical energy through its solar panel, providing users with continuous charging support even without a power source. This flexibility allows PV-ENer to meet the diverse needs of different users, providing excellent solutions for both temporary and long-term charging requirements.
  • The adaptability of PV-ENer charging devices is also one of the reasons for its popularity. Whether it’s in hot summers or cold winters, PV-ENer maintains stable performance, providing reliable charging services to users. Furthermore, it can adapt to various complex environmental conditions, such as sandstorms, heavy rains, and other extreme weather, ensuring that users can still use it normally in these special situations. This adaptability makes PV-ENer a truly all-weather charging device, enabling users to maintain sufficient power when facing various challenges.

In summary, PV-ENer, as a charging device that integrates portability, flexibility, and adaptability, provides an effective solution to addressing global warming and extreme weather conditions. Through continuously optimizing the user experience, PV-ENer is becoming the preferred charging device for increasing numbers of users, bringing more convenience and comfort to people's lives and work.

Your financial support is crucial for software development, mass production, and promotion of our products. If you want to continue supporting us and promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation concepts, you can donate any amount. Your support recognizes our efforts and contributes to protecting the Earth and future generations' better lives.

In today’s era, we need more products like LOL and PV-ENer to drive societal sustainable development. We hope to collaborate with you to further develop, promote, and realize a green and beautiful future. You can purchase our products to support our development directly.

  • LOL products come in two versions: non-APP priced at HK$1,280 and APP priced at HK$1,880. Both versions are renowned for their superior performance and elegant design, making them ideal gifts or personal indulgences.
  • We present the PV-ENer series, with the non-battery linkable version priced at HK$350 and the battery linkable version at HK$480. These products align with environmental conservation principles and offer practical convenience, enhancing the quality of life.

We offer discounted prices for bulk purchases to promote our environmental values further and support sustainable development. This is our way of thanking you for your support and acknowledging your continuous attention.

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Thank you for reading this far. Your attention and support are our driving forces. We firmly believe that with your encouragement, we will continue to make strides in environmental conservation and sustainable development, contributing to a better future for our planet. Let's join hands in creating a harmonious and prosperous environment for all.



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